Helvetica – The Movie

If you love to make complex things simple and attractive.  If you love the idea of ice cream cones for the pure reason that they are both form and function.  If you think a driveway might better be called a parkway… then you should watch this movie!

I just got done watching Helvetica – The Movie and I can’t say enough great things. It’s an elegant discussion of simple/ clear graphic design.  It stresses the importance of looking through to the space that isn’t there, as well as the difficulty of how to make a “high heeled guchi” font vs. “a torn sneaker” or a “charlie parker jazz song” really sing.

In a walk through the city, it brings to life the messages that we are shown daily and the emotion that is formed as we interpret and own those forms.  It discusses the responsibility of the designer to give voice and message to artifacts.  It is inspiring.  And delightful to watch.

Helvetica, the movie.  Thumbs up.


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