Monthly Archives: March 2008

Wii Fitness!

The Wii has revolutionalized gaming systems.  It’s brought simple mechanics back into the gaming world and has allowed physical play to replace narrative.  I love my wii… but find that, at this point in my life, play without any realistic reward returned just isn’t interesting enough to me to spend hours a day at at.  The reality:  I just dont have the time.

The age-old hurdle of game makers, has always been to figure out how to involve more “family” experience into game play.  How do I engage more than just the teen-age boys in video-games.  How do I market to the moms?  Wii has totally done it!  I took my Wii to my mom’s home in Michigan with me last summer (my litmus test for all things technology).  She LOVED it.  She would come home from work and beg me to play bowling with her.  It was great.   I’ve found the same results with the majority of my non-tech girlfriends, here in the bay.  The problem is though, I could never see them getting really hooked… because, simply, they don’t find the value to set aside large amounts of time to “play a game”.

Wii Fitness has put what every busy woman wants back into the game.    It does what other games and systems don’t:  Gives real world meaning and results to something you can play with.  Busy women, working moms, etc, I think are really going to love this!

I can’t wait to get mine!  You can pre-order here.  Its scheduled to be released May 2008.