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The Detroit – Berlin Connection

Since I returned from Berlin last January, I’ve been really inspired by the things I saw there and how they can apply them to Detroit. Despite the radical differences in history, there are actually quite a lot of similarities between Detroit and Berlin. The post-industrial nature is only the tip.

I often felt like Berliners looked to the states for innovation. In particular musicians in Berlin were often looking at Detroit. It seems to me when you are thinking about reconstructing and resurrecting cities, though, there is A LOT that Detroiters could learn by looking the other way across the pond.

I’m so excited that someone, FINALLY, has documented some of the differences. The link below is a 7 part NPR radio series that compares and contrasts Berlin and Detroit.

What we can learn, we can repeat.

The Detroit-Berlin Connection:

Full 7 part radio series on NPR: