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A bit of catch up…

While everyone else has been talking about 3GSM and Paris Hilton’s security breach unveiling, I’ve been quite busy strategizing, learning business models, and meeting with VCs. Yep, it’s that time for me right now.

It’s left me a bit uninspired to write, as I’ve been doing much more talking then anything else.

At anyrate I thought of posting a summary of 3GSM, but many have already done so. Instead to catch up to the rest of the world, I’ll just post a few links to those of you who have already done a good job of summarizing the new stuff:

Bill Day
The Register
MacWorld’s summary of just digital imaging happenings
Phone Scoop on the new hardware
Matt Croydon::Postneo 2.0

So that’s a rather short list, but should cover most things necessary.

And on the topic of mobile security… I default to this report from Reuters on Yahoo! stating there are at least 30 viruses. And the commentary on it from The Mobile Technology Weblog recognizing ingenious carrier conspiracy theory.

But, what about Paris Hilton? Ok, so of course I have not forgotten her. Pop culture showgirl hits headlines with the mobile geeks. I could never pass that up. Talk about disruptive (especially to the mobileBoy work day). Here are a couple theories: 1. T-Mobile Server Hacker 2. Her rather creative password. Regardless, here’s the real dirt… the content! (Just in case you haven’t see it… cover the kids eyes.)

Now that I’ve played link post, hopefully I can get back to sharing more of my thoughts…

I’ll begin with… Will Wright?


Tom Hume on Casual Gaming

This morning after a long battle for the last week or so of being quite ill, I opened The Feature to read possibly *The Best* article I have read from The Feature! (Yes, I know that’s saying a lot!) If you haven’t yet read Tom Hume’s article on Casual Gaming, you should!

He captures the essence of an important shift from hard core gaming experiences to engaging play experiences perfectly! Allowing players to engage lightly in the experience throughout their daily lives is essential to creating something compelling and addictive to be used on a mobile device. Allowing players light weight games or frameworks that they can think about while on the move, but not have to interact with continually in the virtual world is essential. Giving them tools which allow them to explore and play at their will fits the affordances of the mobile device. And ironically, the experience becomes richer instead of less interactive as we do this. As well, most people with mobile phones are not gamers. These types of experiences that are easy and light weight broaden the target audience and are compelling to totally different user base.

In Tom’s words:

So, what lessons can mobile games companies learn from this? Firstly, that the console games industry doesn’t provide the only model for success in interactive entertainment. There are games out there with far broader appeal and a longer track-record of commercial success.

Secondly, that immersion is the exact opposite of what gamers want when they’re on the move. Games companies should offer quick-fire experiences that can be picked up and put down as and when players want, and maybe keep half an eye on games which can keep players occupied mentally even when they’re not in the process of playing them.

And thirdly, a corollary to this: that games demanding quick bursts of interaction needn’t be shallow. It’s possible to create rich experiences from quick-fire play.

Points two and three are my absolute favorite! Think about experiences that engage users virtually, physically, and socially. With interactions that are quick and light.

Thanks Tom for this article that states so well this essential shift in thought and opportunity!


Happy Mobile Monday!

Today is another mobile monday meeting. Except this time it’s in the South Bay. I think it’s some kind of joke Russ and Mike are trying to pull on me. Have me present, but make me go all the way to Microsoft’s campus in Mt. View. Uggh. Anyways, yes, I will be presenting some ideas that we have been working on. As well, my advisor from Grad School, Marc Davis, will introduce many concepts which I have learned well over the years about media and how we can leverage metadata to change the way we are thinking about media. I’m excited to be presenting just after Marc!! I think you will see how Erick and my ideas were significantly shaped by what we learned from him!

Hope to see you there!