No phones in chicago

“A law imposing a $50 fine for those using cell phones while driving goes into effect Friday. The fine increases to $200 if the driver gets in an accident while talking on the phone.”

This law went into effect on July 8th. I find it ironic that in a city where no helmet law is enforced for motorcycle riders and smoking is still permitted in public areas, that phones while driving are banned. Im not saying that they shouldn’t be, Im just saying I find it rather ironic.

I don’t think I’d get accomplished half the business meetings that I need to, if that were the case here.


5 thoughts on “No phones in chicago

  1. Anonymous

    Hooray for Chicago. It’s about time. People should not be conducting business while they are driving. Driving is too important. I see it everyday – people not paying attention while driving and talking on the phone. I write software for mobiles, but I don’t phone and drive!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank God. There are enough retarded drivers out there that the highways do not need another retarded driver using a mobile phone. Hopefully, California is next, but I doubt it.

  3. Anonymous

    I personally think this law is ridiculous mostly because I don’t value human life and I think it’s unenforceable. But that’s just me.

    But seriously… I don’t think driving and talking on the cell phone is a big deal, especially if you’re using a headset.

  4. anitamobile

    Im sorry that you don’t value human life. Very sorry that you don’t value the preciousness of it. I do hope that you are kidding! [Even if you are… it’s really not funny!]

    The law encourages headset use. Just fines for handsets.


  5. Matt

    I think these laws are just hype. Talking to people in the car, putting on makeup, reading a newspaper and eating fast food are not explicitly illegal. But if you are not paying attention and cause an accident, you’re still gonna get in trouble. I don’t see how targeting phones changes anything.


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