On Apple and Mobile Phones

So, I’ve finally had a chance to start catching up on some reading since the holiday. I dropped mom off at the airport this am.

I just caught Russell Beattie’s post on Apple. This is not the first time I have heard something like this, so I’m going with it and going to back Russell on this one. Although, I think the 18 month target may be a bit aggressive. Back in September I had the pleasure of meeting with some folks at Orange over in Paris. One of their lead engineering folks suggested a similar comment to me about Apple and after talking about my interests, he suggested that I expand some of my thoughts to be able to play along with them.

At the time, I thought, “Apple”??? Huh?? But, I’m beginning to see it. Although I do think it a risky venture for them and a hard space to get into, I can see the ultimate music, photo, video phone. The quintessential multimedia mobile device. They are already thinking some great thoughts here (publicly) with the new QuickTime codecs and functionalities. Why should they be just a piece in the mobile puzzle? Why not be THE mobile multimedia solution?


PS. I love high-speed laundry mats!

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