Casual Games, Flash Lite, and Mobie Audience Participation

Tom Hume today has sited some more things about casual gaming. If you haven’t yet got the message… 2005 is all about the casual game!! I’m going to try to keep following Tom and his project. I’m curious to learn more about it, as I think that Tom has many of the right approaches!

Bryan Rieger posted this curious murmor that Ericsson has begun to install Flash Lite in the k750i and the k600i and maybe the z800i and w800i. Is this true? If so, that would be excellent! But, why on earth do we not know about it for sure yet?

And my own little personal blurb that a friend of mine told me last week on more social uses of mobiles. Apparently at the U2 concert here in Oakland a couple weeks ago, you could SMS your name to a short code and they would run a ticker beind the band. Your name would then be displayed as part of the show. I wonder what other small interesting uses of these things people will start to have. Could this be the first use of participatory interaction in public entertainment? Can’t wait until you can control/ influence more of the show.


One thought on “Casual Games, Flash Lite, and Mobie Audience Participation

  1. Anonymous

    Why do SonyEricsson devices need the flash player when they are supposed to support SVG, already?

    – andrea


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