Caterpillar Mobile (2004-2007)

Sony Ericsson R & D – October, 2007 – Nov, 2007
Social Mobile Website

  • Designed new lifeblogging site concept based on mobile-social research in Korea.
  • Created media archive visualizations to search forms of mobile media (text, photos, videos) by timeline, social connections, and media type.

Tiny Pictures – October, 2006 – Nov, 2006
WAP (Mobile Web) Re-design

  • Redesigned information and screen design for mobile web experience (xHTML and WAP).
  • Based on client presentation capabilities research, a tiered experience was created to optimize the presentation layer per handset.
  • Acquired by Shutterfly 2009.

MFoundry– March – April 2006
Client Design – Java MIDP 1.0 and 2.0

  • Interaction design and design guide for Slider 2.0 client platform
  • Included in-client advertising methods, video, and image viewing.

4infoMay, 2005 – June 2005
J2ME Client Design and Usability Testing

  • Mobile search and browsing client available at
  • Interaction and mobile interface design for Java MIDP 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Mobile advertising methodologies and client usability testing.

ScanR – May, 2005 – June, 2006
Client Design and User Testing

  • Enterprise cameraPhone software [MS SmartPhone, J2ME, Symbian]
  • Interaction and interface design for MS Smart Phone, MIDP 2.0, and Symbian.
  • Usability testing and evaluation of client designs.

MotricityDec, 2005 – May, 2006
WAP Design

  • Designed interaction and visual look and feel for WAP store-front [ringtone, game, wallpaper downloads] with OTA credit card purchase for Sony Ericsson.

Yahoo Mobile – May, 2004 – Sept, 2004
User Experience Design and User Research

  • Lead UI Designer on Yahoo! Photos mobile applications.  Designed Yahoo! Photos Brew and Java clients.
  • Conducted nation wide camera-phone user interview study.  Diary and interview methods used.