Note:  If the flash movie above is not responding to your “S” keypress, click once on the movie to focus it and then begin interacting with it.

Ottokar In-Car App (key presses simulate engine data)
Position : Service Design Lead – UX Manager
Platforms : VW in-car API & Flash
Responsibilities : Creative Lead, App Production Management

Volkswagon R & D asked us to work with the early app-my-car API for Passats to showcase the functionality and create an initial app to go in-cars. Our technical partner for the development of this application was TIC Mobile.   I lead both the creative and implementation teams of the project.  This version of the app, conveys the concept, while using keystrokes to signify car api data.   The extended concept is available to view via the design presentation link.  We had a lot of fun with this project, while also helping people drive a little safer.

OttoKar is an in-car friend that can live with you via your mobile phone and in your car.   He helps you drive safer and also tracks users’ expenditure for gas and maintenance. Combining different in-car API measures we created semantically meaningful metrics of:  “Excessive Gas Consuption”, “Carpooling Detection”, “Unsafe Leading Car Distance”, “Optimal Gear for Engine Optimization”, and “Optimal Fuel Notifications”.  Each of these metrics combine a series of data entries from the car API itself.  For example, “Carpooling Detection” is based on the time of seatbelt lock, in relation to the status of an unlocked door opening then closing.  OttoKar measures how well you are doing on these metrics and positively rewards you for safe and more environmentally conscious driving.  The full service version of this application contains the ability to log-in via your mobile, track multiple user accounts (indicating which drivers have payed for the most gas or maintenance), and extends the idea of OttoKar to allow for the personalization and socialization of cars themselves via social networks.  We thought many people treat their cars as if they have a personality, why not really let them have one?!