Position : Product Designer – Social
Platforms : Web, Windows PC Gaming Platform
Responsibilities : UX Wires, Visuals, Agile User Stories

Twinity is a new 3D world by Metaversum which models real cities and real places. It allows players to connect through virtual parties, events, shopping, home-creating, and just hanging out. It has virtual tours and museums, for example, you can learn about the history of the Berlin wall, through visiting the wall exhibition which spans Berlin history from 1989 to 2009. As you are traversing the Berlin wall overtime, you can also take a pause to read the Wikipedia article about it, view time-based photos, or see videos. Twinity brings an interesting aspect to online game worlds.  When most folks are looking at the real world, through mobile devices lenses, and thinking about how to integrate virtual on top, they have done just the opposite.  They question just how far from reality do virtual worlds really lie?!  As a receiver of many awards, Twinity, was recognized throughout Europe as an innovation leader.  Through working with them, my own eyes were opened to a new perspective on thinking about connecting real world contexts with virtual spaces.

As a Product Design Consultant, I aided their initiative to create more social awareness and integration. I helped to integrate Facebook and social virility into their game platform and along the way, we also tackled some other large usability issues with surfacing discovery of features like chat, now seen as a more promonate feature to the platform than earlier.  I delivered light wireframes and agile user stories to aide the development team in implementing the designs.  I worked directly with the CMO and Head of Product to help them create more social connectivity and ease user engagement within the virtual game platform. Unfortunately, the platform itself is still only available for Windows environments, making the adoption and growth a bit of a hurdle. It has since transitioned to a more social chat web platform.