Position : Producer & Game Designer
Platforms : Oculus Touch VR
Responsibilities : Business Strategy, Product Management/ Game Production, Level Design, Game Design

Tornado Tower is a VR, 3rd Person, platformer game where you play as two characters: The Adventurer, Zeru, and the Wind Spirit. By using the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, the player interacts and experiences a new twist to the classic platformer genre in a 360 world. A free demo is available to play and for download at Itch.io.

Using UnReal engine I was part of the initial development team for this title. My main contributions included managing the development process, the technical team along with artists and sound composers, as well as game design efforts. Organizing and running sprints, I kept our development efforts on track. Holding art and creative meetings, I oversaw the overall creative integration and production. As an individual contributor, using my design background, I implemented puzzles and level design. We are in current talks with a studio in San Francisco, who is interested in publishing this game. On the business side, I’ve guided business plans to help take the game commercial, distribution talks, and helped facilitate strategic business discussions.