Position : Product Strategy & UX Manager/ Designer
Platforms : Web, Mobile, Virtual Reality (Unity3D)
Responsibilities : Product Strategy/ Management, Design Implementation/ Management, Branding, User Research

P2UX is a prototyping and app creation tool (currently in private beta) which allows designers and non-engineers the ability to create real apps for mobile devices or nearly any hardware platform. We used a version of this tool within the design group at General Motors to prototype the look and feel of our infotainment screens and how they interacted with mobile devices. The tool allows for responsive deployment of UI’s across any sized screen and saves a great deal of time. I joined P2UX (Phase 2 Industries) last year after leaving General Motors – to help them redesign the product and create a new entity to target other automotive / hardware companies and design agencies. Our goal is to bring design and development processes closer together to make the implementation process more efficient. I have been largely responsible for the product management (Jira & strategy) as well as the entire UI Redesign – I managed UI designers and worked with a design agency to do all the UX, iconography, marketing, and brand re-design.

Wearing many hats this year, I was also doing my Master’s in Games and Playable Media at UCSC Silicon Valley. I integrated a student’s project where he had created a VR Driving Simulator Course (using HTC Vive) – to help with drivers education, with our P2UX platform. Automotive groups can now design screens and in a real-time update them in a Unity VR project to have users test the screens, without needing to take them to a real driving course. We are currently in discussions with another major automotive company about utilizing our platform and this VR integration for their design and prototyping process.