Position : User Experience Strategist – Global Connected Services and Infotainment
Platforms : In-Vehicle (native, CarPlay, & Android Auto), Responsive Web, Mobile (iOS & Android)
Responsibilities : Product Strategy & Interactive Prototypes

Worked with Genaral Motors beginning December, 2015 and the majority of my projects are still under NDA so I’m unable to share many visual details right now. However, I was hired to bring design innovation and strategic guidance to the their infotainment and mobility services platforms – considering interactions across in-vehicle, web, and mobile channels. My team was responsible for the relationships with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and in effort to make them closer, some of what I looked at is how GM in-vehicle interfaces are designed to work best with your phones entertainment and communication services. Recognizing that these apps are always with you, how do we create a seamless experiences from mobile to in-car – so, for example, users can keep listening to your favorite music effortlessly as they enter their car or how might apps give heads up displays? The other even larger initiative that I focused on was tied closer to the connected car and begins to look at how we design a mobility services platform, which leverages your in-vehicle data and is accessible across all your devices. With recent urban mobility partnerships like Lyft, I can assure you there are very interesting and fun experiences on the horizon for how the automotive space is transforming – and creating new ways for users to explore the city and move around.

At General Motors a User Experience Strategist is a blend between product manager, creative designer, and business strategist. In general, I was responsible for vetting innovative new products and features, designing prototypes and experiences for them, and getting them prioritized/ built through the product portfolio teams.