Platform overview and app concept samples

Position : UX Design Lead & Strategist
Platforms : Android, Tizen, Web – TV, Phone, Tablet, Scanner, Laptop
Responsibilities : Platform & Apps Strategy, Feature Definition, Game Logic, UX Wires, Patent Research

As part of Samsung UX Innovations Lab in San Jose I was part of a team which created a new private service suite for family infotainment to go into production starting in 2013.  To be mainly situated in the Living Room, but working across all their devices – TV, tablets, phones, laptops, even scanner display windows, our challenge was to design a private platform where families can access entertainment and share media. Working as a main communication hub for all family members – secure documents, photos, and video could all be stored, shared, or posted on an easy to see bulletin board for all group members to see. Somewhere between an app store, GroupMe, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox – we created a product suite and platform which holds small group privacy and meets all the major requirements of a living room cloud experience for a growing family. I worked with ethnographers, businesses development, and visual designers to architect the core concepts and features, while also creating the main design interactions for both the platform concept seen in the video above and in the three applications in the presentation following.

The three initial mobile apps, which cover small group and family location sharing where apps for emergency services, a private group calendar, and a game which rewarded children for making contributions to the household.  Additionally, I concepted and researched a patentable idea around a closed group/ family “mobile wallet”.   We presented this work as a concept video and app specifications to executive management in Korea, who folded into the business production units 2 years earlier than planned. A challenging project to work with changing timelines and cross-seas communication, the work we did here was truly impactful and innovative. I’m very proud of the services and platform which we outlined here.