Wow! Common platforms are actually happening…

I’ve been working with a web 2.0 company doing social game play things for the last few months… so when I read this, all i could say was “wow!”.

Open-source Linux efforts that pose a threat to Symbian and, by extension, to Nokia, include the LiMo Foundation — whose membership includes Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and LM Ericsson, which also are members of the new Symbian Foundation — and Google’s Android effort, featuring many of the same players. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone is set to launch in 70 countries by next year and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS has also gained share in recent years.”

This is so fantastic.  I can’t believe that there is finally so much movement around creating platforms that finally actually have some standards and extensibility.   Some of these platforms also tackle distribution, which will start to finally put a dent in the stifling of creativity in the mobile marketplace.

I’ve been working with mobile platforms for the last 5 years (save the last couple months).  Over that time, one of the biggest frustrations and (admittedly fun for a little while) challenges was how to figure out how to design and create products that could actually be distributed in the current ecosystem.  Its so great and refreshing to see this actually changing.  It means that hopefully we’ll start seeing some more innovation.  More unique offerings.  And more mobile adoption of new ideas.   Maybe we’ll alas be free of some of the carrier bureaucracy!

I’ll say it again – wow!


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