Position : Product Manager & Designer
Platforms : Unity3D for iOS and Android
Responsibilities : Producer/ Product Manager; Game Design; Mobile UX Design

Proxi is a new game by Will Wright & Lauren Elliot (creators of the SIMS & Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, respectfully). Proxi is still in private development at the moment, so I am unable to show design documents or creative ideation which I produced. As the PM there, I wore many hats, since there were only five of us, plus a couple contractors. :) My main responsibilities were helping with scheduling, production/ sprint process, feature ideation/ prototype development, and play testing. I was responsible for managing the development process via stand-ups, task breakdown, and setting weekly, as well as longer term roadmap goals. I coordinated the art direction and managed the judging process, working both with marketing folks (internally and at Unity) to coordinate our press releases efforts, as we held a worldwide search for art talent in a combined contest effort with Unity. Wearing a design hat, I collaborated with our AI specialists and our talented engineering team to conceptualize initial mobile game designs and helped with prototyping in both wireframes clickable prototypes (using Sketch and InVision) and create more interactive prototypes with Unity itself. Coordinating play test sessions, I organized the group to test our different hypotheses and designs on players and to gain further insights into memory creation.

In a nutshell, I was responsible for overseeing the development and design process, while producing artifacts with my own design input. While the development timeline and scope was extended quite a bit beyond our initial commitment, I very much enjoyed working with the team on this interestingly complex AI game about memories. It’s always been a dream of mine to combine my degree in neuroscience with gaming and this project has set its aim high to one day achieve it.

A public teaser of the game is available for viewing here.