Position : UX Design Lead – Mobile
Platforms : iOS and Android
Responsibilities : UX Wires, Re-Design Prototype

Hired to be the lead designer for the DocuSign Mobile App. I worked with the Product Manager and Engineering team to introduce new features and interaction patterns to the iOS and Android native applications, and a Visual Designer to make the pixels perfect. I worked within the existing design and branding to add new features, like offline synchronization and the “On my Device” section seen in the screens above to help communicate to users that they were able to use the application despite network failures or offline environments. I also drafted the designs for a new interaction paradigm, also reflected above, which helped create a new “inbox” metaphor for documents requiring signatures. During my time there, mobile adoption increased by 300% across the two platforms and the Android App was featured on the front page of the Google Play Store. I was very happy, despite some technical hurdles, with the design and usability which I impacted. As indicated by the reviews of our users, we were able to convey some very complicated technical features very simply, clear, and it “just worked”. The apps are available via the app store links above.