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The Incrementum Group : client sites

Dr. Ryan Stanton

Client Site Architecture

Visual Design/ Web Design
Information Architecture

Overview and Challenge:
The primary design goal of these client sites were to brand and market each unique doctor in the network. Each doctor depending on practice location and clientele had their own unique look and feel. If they already had prexisting brands and logos, I simply brought them on-line. Otherwise, I created new ones.

In order to develop branding ideas, I lead a brainstorming session with each client. If a brand and logo was already established to the clients satisfaction then there was no need to create a new one. In those cases, that imagery was encorporated. If a new one was necessary, I worked with them to generate ideas which would help me design a new look and feel. In many cases, the new design included new logos and slogans. After completing the design process, I coded the sites using DHTML, CSS, and Javascript. The sites followed a simple technical structure, following the results of the persona brainstorm, to allow non-technical users to access them quickly from home dial-up lines.

   Dr. Steven Weiner

   Dr. Reichner M.D.

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