Tornado Tower is a unique platformer for Oculus Touch VR. Reimagining a platformer into VR spirals, the player uses wind to help the adventurer fly up the Tornado Tower. I managed all aspects of game development, including agile process (jira), and also performed puzzle, level, and overall game design. We are actively still in development.

Tornado Tower
Development Director &
Game Designer
Oculus Touch VR


Music Pop is a mobile music game concept using the Google ARCore (formerly Tango). Leveraging new motion tracking capabilities we explored creating a mobile dance game which would be played at city scale. With support from Google, I researched and designed the main game mechanics and worked with CodeXCandle developers to develop the vertical slice.

Music Pop
Game Designer / Developer
Google ARCore


P2UX is a new platform for designing prototypes and apps. Based off work at GM, the platform is responsive across any mobile device, automotive, or hardware platforms and integrates live with Unity3D. I managed product requirements and UX design – redesigning the entire platform and creating a new brand identity.

Product Strategy &
Design Manager
Web, Mobile, & VR


UX Director for new start-up. Fig – a social mobile wellness app, incorporates playful mechanics to encourage users to engage in small daily healthy habits. I hired the initial engineering team, worked with branding agencies to create new corp identity, and did the initial ux and design strategy. Launched Fall 2012 – iOS & Android.

UX Director
iOS & Android


I managed a small client side dev and design team, working with Deutsches Telekom R & D and Universite d’Arts Berlin, to create a new product which allows people to handle the problem of phone calls interrupting their daily lives – gracefully. Launched on iOS. It received a TED Global talk in 2010.

Deutsches Telekom :
Gender Inspired Technology
Service Design Lead


Managed a small team of visual designers and flash/ front-end devs to make Eco Drive – a Tamagotchi inspired friend who lives in your car’s dash and helps ensure safe and economical driving. Worked with Volkswagon’s “App my Car” API. Used to showcase API. Initially available in the app store of VW Passats.

Volkswagon R & D – Eco Drive
Service Design Lead